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does size matter? andy dixon addresses the age old adage in his latest exhibition
for over the influence gallery bangkok

Portraying works of art as commercial objects, subject to reproduction and arbitrary market values, is to remove them from the realm of the sacred and the untouchable and understand them in their historical context, which is to acknowledge the social systems that made their creation possible and to interrogate the ways their subjects venerate and perpetuate those hierarchies...continue reading

james goss wants you to come, look a little closer 
for the pit 

Goss sculpts, scrapes, layers, and manipulates enormous amounts of oil to emulate the crenelation of a flower petal, the lushness of a patch of grass, and the grit of a sandy beach. To see the ridges and grooves on the trunks of his elm trees is to feel their scaley bark beneath your palm in an inspired moment of synesthesia...continue reading. 

hiroya kurata paints us as we are 
for over the influence gallery los angeles

This is what food looks like 2023. (Highly processed white cake with frosting and strawberries.) This is what children looked like. (Chaotic, cheerful blurs of energetic life force in cotton shorts.) And light. (Dappled.) And parks. (Serene.) And mothers. (Overworked but ever-present.)...continue reading.

cha yuree gives physical form to internal experiences, capturing moments of reflection, reverie, and rest
for over the influence gallery hong kong

To understand it this way, is to see how Cha’s women are engaged in something far more robust than their static poses could possibly convey and perhaps more fluid than the rigidity demanded by the roles they’re forced to perform...continue reading.

adam beris breaks out of the grid for over the influence gallery bangkok

In this way, the works become almost like Rorschach Tests, where each viewer sees themselves and their own tastes, assumptions, and experiences reflected back toward them...continue reading. 

cha yuree considers the pleasures of attention and presence
for over the influence gallery los angeles

The works in Sunnyside Up oscillate between what is familiar and extraordinary, historical, and contemporary, American and Korean
reminding viewers that we are never only one thing, while celebrating the multi-faceted nature of identity and experience...continue reading.

jieun reiner and niki ford celebrate the multiplicity of identity  
for la loma projects

Both born of the earth, in subject or in substance, and shaped by the desire to manifest an internal tension in physical form, they enable the possibility of existing in the liminal space between nationalities, genders, and generations, between dreams and reality, past and present...continue reading.

the question is not, who are you; but what are you in brian robertson’s latest exhibition
for everyday moonday gallery

We are, despite all our efforts to conceal it, animals. Animals, whose behaviors are determined, in large part, by a complex series of chemical reactions. “We’re blind to our blindness,” says psychologist Daniel Kahneman on the difficulty of knowing ourselves...continue reading.

between memento mori and carpe diem, jonathan edelhuber chose life
for over the influence gallery los angeles

Evidence of erasure, rupture, and addition indelibly preserved on the canvas’ surfaces affords the works not only a spatial depth but a temporal one as well.  Each painting or sculpture reveals the stages of its creation, from blunt, flat strokes and splatters to robust finishes and scraped-down layer...continue reading.

super future kid is seeing double
for mindy solomn gallery

The twin figures seen throughout, rendered in an exuberant color palette and arranged in striking compositions appear as two halves of the same whole; their relationship, a third thing that transcends the limitations and boundaries of the self...continue reading.

camilla engström paints with the seasons
for over the influence
gallery bangkok

Or least that’s how it appears on surface. Beneath the visage of darkness, and stasis, new life and revelations continues to burn brightly. Undercurrents explore the profound transformation that occurs beneath the surface of the earth, and the human body, during times of perceived stillness and rest...continue reading.

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